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    Monday, December 28, 2009

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    Lei...zhen de hao lei, hao lei
    Ke yi rong xu wo fang si yi dian, zhi guan zi ji de gan shou ma?

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |10:31 PM|

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |10:32 PM|

    Monday, February 09, 2009

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    What a gambling addict she is. But I love her still!!!

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |9:24 PM|

    Saturday, January 31, 2009

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    Guess WHat???

    I got three cards of 7 for Blackjack and I won seven times my bet. First time in my life I won er shi yi dian with such cards!

    Hope such luck will follow and I will have good luck throughout this year!! *silently remind myself to buy 4d tomorrow...keke*

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |2:00 AM|

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    期望? 失望?

    Lately, I am addicted to Taiwan drama again and I have been watching show after show. The beautiful sceneries brought back my memories and I know…this year, I must go Taiwan by hook or by crook.
    The latest drama I just finished was Why Why Love. An old show, I know but I didn’t get to watch it until now. There is one line by Jia Di that has now being drilled deep down into my head. 沒有期望, 就不会失望。At times like this, this is exactly what I need; need to learn to be contented, need to learn not to push in too much hope, need to learn to lower or even zero my expectations in order not to get disappointment in return. Even though life is colourful n exciting due to hopes, but now is not the right time for me to have any hope. Having hope is tiring; to pick myself up is even more devastating. So, I guess the best way to avoid all these is to stop having hopes and then whatever happy or good things that come in my way, I shall treat them as a pleasant surprise or god’s gifts.

    So from now on, one of my life principle will be…be realistic, don't hope for too much because 沒有期望, 就不会失望。So for those who are not being retrenched nor getting a paycut, 請懂得惜福!!

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |2:09 PM|

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |9:51 PM|

    Saturday, November 08, 2008

    0 cHeRI LefT TheIr FoOTpRiNTs

    It feels so good...........

    to have some soft little cuddly things to hug when you are having your pms and is undergoing lotsa stress from work and school.

    Aren't they the sweetest? Especially my GRUMPY!!! I absolutely adore it to the max. Each day, I cant wait to go home and hug it. Seeing his cute saddy face, the gloomy sky in my world seems to brighten up. Aww...he is just so round, fat, chubby, cuddly and I love his soft haha...
    Going to blog about my bdae and Halloween but now is not the time. Major conference coming up and reports are all going to due soon! So that will have to wait.

    Nevertheless, I am excited about the conference. Bound to be lotsa things waiting for me to do and learn. Will be at Ritz Carlton from next weekend onwards for close to a week. Ritz Carlton! How not to be excited even if it means wkend being burnt and have to do ot. To me, it will be another good learning experience for this will be my first major corporate conference. I am sure it will be a different experience from doing a medical conference.

    Till will be grumpy PY PY and me....

    Please tell me that he is *I know I am being nonsensical, but after a hard day at work, please pardon me. I only have him to entertain....haha*

    YiHui BLaEh BLaEH...
    at |12:37 AM|